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Craig A. Evans-Ancient Texts For New Testament Studies-

Craig A. Evans-Ancient Texts For New Testament Studies-
Author: Craig A. Evans
Title: Ancient Texts For New Testament Studies: A Guide To The Background Literature
Publisher / Editor: Hendrickson Publishers
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 26.4 MB
Pages: 539.


One of the daunting challenges facing the New Testament interpreter is achieving familiarity with the immense corpus of related literatures. Scholars and students alike must have a fundamental understanding of the content, provenance, and utility for New Testament interpretation of a wide range of pagan, Jewish, and diversely Christian documents. Now in paperback, this thoroughly revised and significantly expanded edition of Noncanonical Writings and New Testament Interpretation examines a vast range of ancient literature, masterfully distilling details of date, language, text, and translation into an eminently usable handbook. Craig Evans evaluates the materials' relevance for interpreting the New Testament and provides essential biographies.

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