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Various Authors-The Missing Jesus-

Various Authors-The Missing Jesus-
Authors: Bruce Chilton,Craig A. Evans and Jacob Neusner.
Title: The Missing Jesus: Rabbinic Judaism And The New Testament
Publisher / Editor: BRILL
Format: PDF
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Pages: 175.


How can Jesus be said to be "missing"? The Church has consistently referred itself to conceptions of Jesus during its history, and the world of scholarship has seen a renaissance in the study of Jesus over the past twenty years. In fact, Jesus’ place in popular culture has been surprisingly prominent as a result of recent historical study. What is "missing" is not by any means reference to Jesus: what is missing is rather an entire dimension of his identity. In order for us to understand Jesus and his profound influence on global culture, we need to see him within the context of the Judaism that was his own natural environment. No one can be assessed apart from one’s environment, but a variety of factors have isolated the study of Jesus from the study of Judaism. The "missing" Jesus is Jesus within Judaism.

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