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Various Authors-Inspiration-

Various Authors-Inspiration-
Authors: Archibald Alexander Hodge & Benjamin B. Warfield
Title: Inspiration
Publisher / Editor: Presbyterian Board Of Publications And Sabbath School Work
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 3.15 MB
Pages: 71.


The word inspiration, as applied to the Holy Scriptures,has gradually acquired a specific technical meaning independent of its etymology.At first this word,in the sense of God-breathed,vvas used to express the entire agency of God in producing that divine element which distinguishes Scripture from all other writings.It was used in a sense comprehensive of supernatural revelation,while the immense range of providential and gracious divine activities concerning the genesis of the word of God in human language was practically overlooked. But Christian scholar have come to see that this divine element, which penetrates and glorifies Scripture at every point, has entered and become incorporated with it in very various ways, natural, supernatural and gracious, thi Dugh long courses of providential leading, as well as by direct suggestion through the spontaneous action of the souls of the sacred writers, as well as by controlling influence from A vithout.

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