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Benjamín B. Warfield-Is Jesus God:An Argument-

Benjamín B. Warfield-Is Jesus God:An Argument-
Author: Benjamín B. Warfield
Title: Is Jesus God:An Argument
Publisher / Editor: American Tract Society
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 6.04 MB
Pages: 152.


This little volume offers a constructive argument for the Deity of Christ. It owes its origin to an attempt by the members of a class in Princeton Theological Seminary, during the session of 1911-1912—the Centennial Session of the Seminary—to give a reasoned answer to a series of inquiries. These, taken in sequence, raised the salient questions which every one must face who undertakes to investigate historically the evidence for the Deity of Christ. These inquiries, in their order, were:—

1. Does the Christian Church teach the Deity of Christ?
2. Has the Christian Church always taught the Deity of Christ?
3. Do the New Testament writers teach the Deity of Christ?
4. Do the Evangelists represent Christ as Himself teaching His Deity?
5. Did Jesus teach His own Deity?
6. Is Christ God?

A considerable number of essays were presented on each of these topics. Those here printed were selected because they seemed to fit well into one another, and together to present a solid argument for the ultimate conclusion.

-From the Introduction by B.B. Warfield

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