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Benjamín B. Warfield-Studies In Theology-

Benjamín B. Warfield-Studies In Theology-
Author: Benjamín B. Warfield
Title: Studies In Theology
Publisher / Editor: Benjamín B. Warfield
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 1.54 MB
Pages: 489.


Although justly famed for his landmark defense of the divine inspiration and authority of Scripture, B.B. Warfield was a theologian with multiple interests. The same high quality of erudition and Christian faithfulness marked all his studies on biblical, theological, historical and practical issues. Studies in Theology contains articles by Warfield on a wide and fascinating variety of themes. Rich doctrinal treatments of the Atonement, the Inspiration of Scripture, Systematic Theology and Christian Supernaturalism are, perhaps, to be expected by those familiar with Warfield's reputation. But here his interests include such subjects as "The Archaeology of the Mode of Baptism" and "Charles Darwin's Religious Life". The 21 essays in this volume provide a glorious kaleidoscope of Warfield's written ministry.

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