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Charles G. Finney-Guide To The Savior-

Charles G. Finney-Guide To The Savior-
Author: Charles G. Finney
Title: Guide To The Savior: Conditions Of Attaining To And Abiding In Entire Holiness Of Heart And Life
Publisher / Editor: Charles G. Finney
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 397 KB
Pages: 58.


Guide to the Savior: Conditions of Attaining to and Abiding in Entire Holiness of Heart and Life by Charles Finney is a classic Christian book on the sanctification which is available to men through Christ. These six lectures make up part of the lectures on entire sanctification found in Finney's Systematic Theology. This book was originally published in 1855 and it is our pleasure to make it available again for the edification of the saints and the glory of God.

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