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Charles G. Finney-Power From On High-

Charles G. Finney-Power From On High-
Author: Charles G. Finney
Title: Power From On High: What It Is And How To Obtain It
Publisher / Editor: Charles G. Finney
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 253 KB
Pages: 45.


Among dedicated believers there is little doubt that contemporary Christians are desperate for the baptism of the Spirit, the fullness of the Spirit and Power From on High.
In this essential volume Charles Finney boldly uncovers the awful truth that today's Christians and a number of church leaders are sadly lacking in this critical gift of power. However, he does not languish in despair but offers a good deal of hope by proclaiming that spiritual power is available for every Christian and encouraging Christians to seek such power in faith. Finney emphasizes that the Holy Spirit urgently desires to take full control of your life, and he lists certain conditions that must be met before you can be filled with the Spirit and receive Power From on High.

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