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Songwriters-Rock Of Refuge-Acoustic Worship-2000-

Songwriters-Rock Of Refuge-Acoustic Worship-
Interpreters: Songwriters
Disc: Rock Of Refuge - (Acoustic Worship)
Year: 2000
File Size: 54.1 MB

Track List:

01 Praise Adonai (Paul Baloche)
02 Everybody Praise The Lord (Lincoln Brewster)
03 Everything Within Me (Lynn Deshazo)
04 It's Only You Jesus (Jamie Harvill)
05 Rock Of Refuge (Gary Sadler)
06 Your Love Is Extravagant (Darrell Evans)
07 Your Love For Me (Don Harris)
08 Everlasting (Paul Smith)
09 Praise To The Lord (Bob Fitts)
10 Faithful God (David Baroni)
11 I Was Created (Billy Funk)
12 My Soul Is Satisfied (Ed Kerr)

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