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Integrity Music-Experience Rest Instrumental-

Integrity Music-Experience Rest Instrumental-
Interpreters: Integrity Music
Disc: Experience Rest Instrumental
File Size: 78.5 MB

Track List:

01 Here In Your Presence
02 Give Thanks
03 Trust In The Lord
04 Resting Place (Interlude)
05 God Is My Refuge (LeBlanc)
06 God Is My Refuge (MonteMayor)
07 Place Of Refreshing (Interlude)
08 How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place
09 Journey Into His Presence (Interlude)
10 The Journey Continues (Interlude)
11 Let's Take Time
12 Quiet Waters (Interlude)
13 Shepherd Of My Soul
14 Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us
15 I Will Come And Bow Down
16 We Bow Down
17 Rest For My Soul (Interlude)
18 Worthy The Lamb That Was Slain
19 Worthy Of Praise
20 Now Unto Him

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