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David J. Bosch-Believing In The Future-

David J. Bosch-Believing In The Future-
Author: David J. Bosch
Title: Believing In The Future: Toward a Missiology Of Western Culture
Publisher / Editor: Trinity Press International
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 2.93 MB
Pages: 69.


Following an analysis of the postmodern world, the legacy of the Enlightenment, and Christian faith in a postmodern age, Professor Bosch sketches the contours of a missiology of Western culture. The latter includes considerations of mission as social ethics, mission and the Third World, and God-talk in an age of reason. A concluding section summarizes the five ingredients of a missiology of Western culture, that is, that it include an ecological dimension, that it be countercultural and ecumenical and contextual, and that it be primarily a ministry of the laity.

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