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E. M. Bounds-The Possibilities Of Prayer-

E. M. Bounds-The Possibilities Of Prayer-
Author: E. M. Bounds
Title: The Possibilities Of Prayer
Publisher / Editor: Moody Press
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 299 KB
Pages: 43.


"The providence of God goes before His saints, opens the way, removes difficulties, solves problems and brings deliverances when escape seems hopeless." "Anything's possible"---a familiar saying; but when you add prayer to the phrase, the possibilities are infinite!
Prayer is powerful. "Prayer over everything can quiet every distraction, hush every anxiety, and lift every care from care-enslaved lives and from care-bewildered hearts."

Prayer is peaceful. "Prayer brings God's providence into action---overseeing and directing earth's affairs for the good of all. Prayer opens the way..."

Prayer is faithful. "Faith has never won a victory nor gained a crown where prayer was not the weapon of the victory, and where prayer did not jewel the crown."

Prayer is hopeful. "His giving His Son is the assurance and guarantee that He will freely give all things to him who believes and prays."

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