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Elmer L. Towns-Praying The 23rd Psalm-

Elmer L. Towns-Praying The 23rd Psalm-
Author: Elmer L. Towns
Title: Praying The 23rd Psalm
Publisher / Editor: Regal Books
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 632 KB
Pages: 122.


Praying the 23rd Psalm is filled with prayers that will flow from your heart as you immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful passages from God's Word. Elmer Towns examines Psalm 23 line by line, revealing insight, comfort, and dynamic Kingdom principles for every follower of Christ. Towns has seen more than three million copies of his books sold during the past 42 years. He has written a number of popular Bible studies and many outstanding books on the subjects of Sunday School and evangelism. But Towns's recent focus has been on spirituality. He says, "I began my ministry helping the Church to develop better outreach programs, but the condition of America has changed. Now the Church needs better people. We must get back to the basics of our spiritual relationship with God."

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