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Elmer L. Towns-Praying The Gospels-

Elmer L. Towns-Praying The Gospels-
Author: Elmer L. Towns
Title: Praying The Gospels: Mathew,Mark,Luke And John
Publisher / Editor: Destiny Image Publishers
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 763 KB
Pages: 320.


We all want to know Jesus better, so we read about Him in the Gospels. But in the book Praying the Gospels, we not only learn about Him, but we learn how to talk to Him as we read the Gospels.

The author, Elmer Towns, brings a unique perspective to the four Gospels, translating them directly from the Greek and combining then into one continuous whole. He then expands them and infuses color by including information about the authors, the culture, and the religious practices of the day. As with his other "Praying the Bible" books, Towns adds an opportunity to pray after each chapter through a "My Time to Pray" page which draws key points from the chapter and springboards into a specific prayer.

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