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Elmer L. Towns-Praying The Psalms-

Elmer L. Towns-Praying The Psalms-
Author: Elmer L. Towns
Title: Praying The Psalms: To Touch God And Be Touched By Him
Publisher / Editor: Destiny Image Publishers
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 507 KB
Pages: 279.


This book is a wonderful way to meet God every day. You will get close to His heart when you pray daily in the Book of Psalms. The Book of Psalms reflects the heart of God. This book shapes the Psalms into personal prayers enabling you to identify with the Psalmist as he prayed. The author, Dr. Towns, is a living, breathing testimony of the power and fulfillment you will experience as you read the pages of this most powerful book. The Psalmist poured out his soul to God concerning the things that deeply moved him. As you read the Psalms, you are taking a peak into his heart. You will weep when he weeps, shout when he rejoices, burn when he gets angry, and fall on your face when he worships God.

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