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James D.G. Dunn-Christology In The Making-

James D.G. Dunn-Christology In The Making-
Author: James D.G. Dunn
Title: Christology In The Making: An Inquiry Into The Origins Of The Doctrine Of The Incarnation
Publisher / Editor: Scm Press Ltd.
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 8.77 MB
Pages: 443.


This excellent study of the origins and early development of Christology by Dunn clarifies in rich detail the beginning of the full Christian belief in Christ as the Son of God and incarnate Word. By employing the exegetical methods of "historical context of meaning" and "conceptuality in transition," Dunn illumines the first-century meaning of key titles and passages within the New Testament that bear directly on the development of the Christian understanding of Jesus.

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