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James D.G. Dunn-Jews And Christians-

James D.G. Dunn-Jews And Christians-
Author: James D.G. Dunn
Title: Jews And Christians: The Parting Of The Ways A.D. 70 To 135
Publisher / Editor: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 6.35 MB
Pages: 404.


This collection of learned essays helps to clarify the extent to which we can speak of the parting of the ways between Christianity and Judaism in the period spanned by two Jewish revolts against Rome. Twelve internationally respected scholars carefully analyze the chief Jewish and Christian documents and traditions relating to the period, drawing out their significance for the topic. The result is an integrated and comprehensive study of the diverging trajectories of Judaism and early Christianity. Contributors: Philip S. Alexander Neville Birdsall Andrew Chester James D. G. Dunn Martin Goodman Martin Hengel William Horbury Hermann Lichtenberger John McHugh Christopher Rowland Graham N. Stanton Peter Stuhlmacher.

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