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James Orr-Food For The Lambs-

James Orr-Food For The Lambs-
Author: James Orr
Title: Food For The Lambs: Helps For Young Christians
Publisher / Editor: Sermon Central
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 415 KB
Pages: 72.


Orr was a vocal critic of theological liberalism (of Albrecht Ritschl especially) and helped establish Christian fundamentalism. His lectures and writings upheld the doctrines of the virgin birth and resurrection of Jesus, and the infallibility of the Bible. In contrast to modern fundamentalists and his friend B.B. Warfield, he did not agree with the stronger position of Biblical inerrancy. Like Warfield, but also unlike modern Christian fundamentalists, he advocated a position which he called "theistic evolution", but which would today be called progressive creationism.

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