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James Orr-The Virgin Birth Of Christ-

James Orr-The Virgin Birth Of Christ-
Author: James Orr
Title: The Virgin Birth Of Christ
Publisher / Editor: Charles Scribner's Sons
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 12 MB
Pages: 301.


The Virgin Birth of Christ contains eight lectures originally delivered in 1907 in the Chapel of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York. The aim of the lectures is to establish faith in the miracle of the Lord’s incarnation by birth from the Virgin, to meet objections, and to show the intimate connection of fact and doctrine in this transcendent mystery. Includes a detailed table of contents, helpful notes, and an appendix with additional material. The lectures are as follows:

Statement of the Case—Issues and Preliminary Objections
The Gospel Witnesses—Genuineness and Integrity of the Records
Sources of the Narratives—Historical and Internal Credibility
The Birth Narratives and the Remaining Literature of the New Testament—Alleged Silence of the New Testament
Relation to Old Testament Prophecy—Witness of Early Church History
Mythical Theories of Origin of Narratives of the Virgin Birth—Alleged Heathen Analogies
Doctrinal Bearings of the Virgin Birth—Person of Christ as Involving Miracle: Sinlessness and Uniqueness
Doctrinal Bearings of the Virgin Birth: The Incarnation—Summary and Conclusion.

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