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James Stalker-The Beauty Of The Bible-

James Stalker-The Beauty Of The Bible-
Author: James Stalker
Title: The Beauty Of The Bible: A Study Of Its Poets And Poetry
Publisher / Editor: James Clarke & Co.
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 10.5 MB
Pages: 300.


This book is one of a series on the Humanism of the Bible; and this point of view has been closely adhered to throughout. Therefore, the readers whom the author would most covet are those who have just reached the stage of appreciating the heritage they possess in the literature of their own country, through their ability to know what it is to receive a shock from the many-chambered mind of Shakspeare and to appreciate the organ-music of Miltons verse, to discern the iridescent witchery of De Quinceys prose and to feel the sinewy sweep of the sentences of Thackeray. These he would like to help to recognise the same qualities in the Scriptures; but of course this enjoyment is not confined to any age; those who have once learned to taste it can do so every day; it is a sweetening ingredient added to our spiritual daily bread. Readers who may wish to plunge more deeply into the learning of the subject will do well to turn to the works of experts, which are both numerous and excellent. One of the latest of these is The Poets of the Old Testament by Dr.

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