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James Stalker-The Life Of Christ-

James Stalker-The Life Of Christ-
Author: James Stalker
Title: The Life Of Christ
Publisher / Editor: Scribner & Welford
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 5.40 MB
Pages: 151.


It is the purpose and plan of the following text to present readers with a brief and edifying overview of the life of Jesus Christ. The author, James Stalker, has done a masterful job at providing readers with the essential details of Christ's life and work so they can easily comprehend the grand scope of the Savior's mission. Helpful maps, Scripture references, chapter questions, and key vocabulary terms have been included in an effort to enhance the study of this book. Students who desire to get the most out of their study of "The Life of Christ" should make use of these helpful resources. Obviously, it is wise for students to read the Bible itself as they move through their study, paying attention to the Scripture references that are provided throughout this textbook.

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