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John Bunyan-The Barren Fig-Tree-

John Bunyan-The Barren Fig-Tree-
Author: John Bunyan
Title: The Barren Fig-Tree: Or,The Doom And Downfall Of The Fruitless Professor
Publisher / Editor: John Bunyan
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 180 KB
Pages: 36.


This solemn, searching, awful treatise, was published by John Bunyan in 1682, six years before his death. In it, the author meditates and comments upon Christ's parable of the fig tree that bore no fruit and so was threatened with destruction (Luke 13:6-9). The editor, George Offor, comments, "While there is a disposition to seek grace all are invited to come; but when salvation by Christ is abandoned, there is no other refuge, although sought with tears. Reader, may the deeply impressive language of Bunyan sink profoundly into our hearts. We need no splendid angel nor hideous demon to reveal to us the realities of the world to come. 'If we hear not Moses and the prophets,' as set forth by Bunyan in this treatise, 'neither should we be persuaded though one rose from the dead' to declare these solemn truths (Luke 16:31)."

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