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John Bunyan-The Heavenly Footman-

John Bunyan-The Heavenly Footman-
Author: John Bunyan
Title: The Heavenly Footman
Publisher / Editor: John Bunyan
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 143 KB
Pages: 26.


Solomon said, that "the desire of the slothful kills him;" and if so, what will slothfulness itself do to those that entertain it? The proverb is, "He that sleepeth in harvest is a son that causeth shame:" and this I dare be bold to say, no greater shame can befall a man, than to see that he hath fooled away his soul, and sinned away eternal life. And I am sure this is the next way to do it; namely, to be slothful; slothful, I say, in the work of salvation.
But to speak plainly, all these are the words of a slothful spirit. Arise, man! be slothful no longer: set foot, and heart, and all, into the way of God, and run. The crown is at the end of the race.
John Bunyan was an Christian writer, preacher and. Reformed Baptist.

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