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John Owen-Christologia-

John Owen-Christologia-
Author: John Owen
Title: Christologia
Publisher / Editor: John Owen
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 1.35 MB
Pages: 219.


The object of John Owen in this treatise is to illustrate the mystery of divine grace in the person of Christ. It bears the title Christologia, but it differs considerably from many works of the same title. Owen is not occupied with a formal proof from Scripture of the Godhood of Christ. Instead, he assumes the truth of this doctrine, and applies all his efforts and resources to show its bearing on Christian duty and experience. The Christology of Owen has always been highly valued, and will be useful to members of the church of all ages together with its continuation, Meditations of the Glory of Christ. Christologia is considered one of the most important post-Reformation works beside Calvin's Institutes.

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