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John Owen-Meditations And Discourses On The Glory Of Christ-

John Owen-Meditations And Discourses On The Glory Of Christ-
Author: John Owen
Title: Meditations And Discourses On The Glory Of Christ
Publisher / Editor: Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 975 KB
Pages: 161.


Meditations and Discourses on the Glory of Christ is a collection of discourses in which John Owen proclaims the glory of the Lord as it is revealed in Scripture. Owen states that because we are human, Christ's glory is, in a sense, incomprehensible to us--we can never fully grasp it. Fortunately, the Bible provides us with ample information to help us appreciate the glory of Christ and to guide us in our worship. Owen uses these discourses to expound upon the different types of glory that Christ exhibits: the glory of His love, the glory of His mystery, His glory as mediator, His glory in the church, and the glory of His eternal being. It is through Christ that our lowly nature is sanctified and our relationship with God is ultimately secured. Owen teaches Christians that nothing they do has any meaning outside of that which Christ anoints with His glory.

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