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John Owen-Overcoming Sin And Temptation-

John Owen-Overcoming Sin And Temptation-
Author: John Owen
Title: Overcoming Sin And Temptation
Publisher / Editor: Crossway Books
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 2.61 MB
Pages: 462.


The writings of John Owen are a challenge to any reader, to say the least. His intricacy and complexity are intimidating and his language is downright befuddling at times. However, the depth of thought and the immense value of Owen's works cannot be quantified. His three classic works on sin and temptation are profoundly helpful to any believer who seeks to become more like Jesus Christ.
In this volume, the editors have made updates to the language, translated the Latin, Greek, and Hebrew and footnoted difficult or unknown phrases, all without sacrificing any of the wonderful content of Owen's work. It is a uniquely accessible edition of John Owen's previously daunting work.

"The editors of this volume have worked hard to make Owen's unrivalled insight into the Christian's inner war with sin accessible to all, and the result is truly a godsend."
-J. I. Packer, Professor of Theology, Regent College

"To read Owen is to mine spiritual gold. Unfortunately, as in mining, reading Owen is hard work. Now, Kelly Kapic and Justin Taylor have made Owen's work accessible to modern readers while still retaining his unique writing style.
-Jerry Bridges, Navigators Community Ministries Group

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