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Paul J. Davies-Faith Seeking Effectiveness-

Paul J. Davies-Faith Seeking Effectiveness-
Author: Paul J. Davies
Title: Faith Seeking Effectiveness: The Missionary Theology Of José Míguez Bonino
Publisher / Editor: Paul J. Davies
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 1.43 MB
Pages: 225.


The second half of the twentieth century saw tectonic changes in mission and theology. The changing face of Western Colonialism and the collapse of Western Christendom after 1945, meant that the ambiance and ethos in which the modern missionary movement had developed no longer existed. Mission was in crisis. This crisis, along with the the formation of the World Council of Churches and theological developments within the International Missionary Council such as the missio Dei concept, meant that the foundations of Christian Mission were crumbling. Christians were challenged to rethink the motives, message, methods and goals of mission. This thesis examines the missionary theology of Míguez Bonino, whose ministry spanned the ca. fifty turbulent years of missionary, ecclesiastical and theological ferment that formed the second half of the Twentieth Century. He developed a missionary theology from “the undersite of history” which, this thesis argues, is applicable, not only to a missionary movement from the geographical south, but also to missionary theology in general.

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