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Ed Gungor-Supernatural Relationships-

Ed Gungor-Supernatural Relationships-
Author: Ed Gungor
Title: Supernatural Relationships: How To Get Closer To The People You Care For
Publisher / Editor: Harrison House
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 9.44 MB
Pages: 137.


The principles in Ed Gungor's book have helped me build a better marriage and relationships with other family, friends, and co-workers.

The main premise is that God wants to help us with all our relationships, and divine empowerment is constantly available to help us grow closer to the people in our lives.

Out of 13 chapters, four chapters focus on forgiveness, and that is significant. Sooner or later, people will hurt you, but if you can learn how to forgive, you can grow past the pain and find new levels of growth.

The emphasis is not that we should forgive because people deserve to be forgiven (maybe they don't), but because Jesus died for their sins on the cross (just like He died for our own). To refuse to forgive is tantamount to a slap in Jesus' face, saying His blood is only adequate to forgive certain sins but not others. Either His blood is powerful enough to forgive all sin, or none at all.

There are chapters on relationship with family members, spouses, children, and even chapters on dealing with people at work. Ed Gungor presents the idea that if God has placed you in an office with certain people, He will provide you with the anointing to make that relationship successful.

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