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G. Campbell Morgan-The Acts Of The Apostles-

G. Campbell Morgan-The Acts Of The Apostles-
Author: G. Campbell Morgan
Title: The Acts Of The Apostles
Publisher / Editor: G. Campbell Morgan
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 2.75 MB
Pages: 423.


First I have to say that I have been biased towards this author for a long time. I like the way he thinks and have always favored his stuff. In addition, he seems to have been surrounded with great people, like Martyn Lloyd-Jones for one.

For the book of Acts, there are better commentaries on the market. What you will find with this commentary is the old fire, vigor and insight of an early to middle twentieth century English preacher. For that it is well worth the price.

Let me illustrate what I mean. When dealing with Acts 4:32-37 he comments on the transitional nature of this segment, moving from Church infancy to early discipline in the church. In that process he deals with what would have been the various contemporary views of his day. So for an historical view on how Acts was interpreted, he gives a crucial slice of history.

Morgan evaluates and discards one view after another until he comes to what he sees as the satisfactory view. He often will cite something to the effect that a particular view has no evidence in scripture, and seems to be based on the bias of an author. I think these sort of arguments are ok, but I would prefer to see more specific responses to the verses his opponents use in their views.

There are a couple different versions of this book out on the market. I have them both. I cannot find a difference in the two, except that the Fleming Revell version (545 pages) has less text on each page with a wider margin. The Pickering version (403 pages) seems to have the exact same text, only formated in a little tighter way with less margin. I actually like the Pickering version better because of the color of the paper as it ages. It has a nicer slightly yellow hue to it and the Revell has a fading white with a lighter typesetting that seems less pleasant to look at in my opinion.

Ok...overall this is a great commentary with paragraph by paragraph comments worth reading through each part of Acts.

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