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Herman Bavinck-The Philosophy Of Revelation-

Herman Bavinck-The Philosophy Of Revelation-
Author: Herman Bavinck
Title: The Philosophy Of Revelation
Publisher / Editor: Longmans, Green & Company
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 20.5 MB
Pages: 349.


From this it will appear that neither materialism nor humanism, but only theism, that neither emanation nor evolution, but revelation alone, is capable of solving the problem."

Philosophy of Revelation is a collection of lectures delivered by Herman Bavinck at The Stone Lectures (1908) at Princeton Theological Seminary. As the title indicates, these series of lectures are centered around the topic of revelation. In it, Bavinck stresses the centrality of the Reformed doctrine of revelation, and its relevancy for auxiliary fields of philosophy, nature, history, religion, culture, and the future.

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