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J. Gresham Machen-New Testament Greek For Beginners-

J. Gresham Machen-New Testament Greek For Beginners-
Author: J. Gresham Machen
Title: New Testament Greek For Beginners
Publisher / Editor: Still Waters Revival Books
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 13.3 MB
Pages: 287.


The book is adapted not only to students who have no previous acquaintance with Greek at all but, also, to those whose acquaintance with Greek is so imperfect that a renewed course of elementary instruction is needed. This book is an instruction book in Greek, not a descriptive grammar, and everything in it has been made subservient to the imparting of a reading acquaintance with the Greek language. Just those explanations are introduced which the author's experience in teaching New Testament Greek has shown to be necessary and the explanatory parts are supplemented by abundant exercises.

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