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Jack T. Chick-Smokescreens-

Jack T. Chick-Smokescreens-
Author: Jack T. Chick
Title: Smokescreens: Underslanding The Dangers Of Today´s Call For Christian Unity
Publisher / Editor: Chick Publications
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 730 KB
Pages: 51.


Dangers of the Ecumenical movement

Many Christians are joining the ecumenical movement, thinking God has ordained it to bring all Christians into unity. But this book reveals that the ecumenical movement is nothing more than a smokescreen, hiding the Vatican's real intent, to stamp out religious freedom and rule the world.

Our fight is not with the Roman Catholic people who have been betrayed by their church. Our job is to rip the mask off her face, and let the poor Roman Catholics see what they're really tied to. They have to find Christ as the answer and it's our job to try to win them to Christ.

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