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James Orr-The Problem Of The Old Testament-

James Orr-The Problem Of The Old Testament-
Author: James Orr
Title: The Problem Of The Old Testament Considered With Reference To Recent Criticism
Publisher / Editor: Charles Scribner's Sons
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 30.6 MB
Pages: 622.


The Problem of the Old Testament Considered with Reference to Recent Criticism begins with a preliminary survey of the witness which the Old Testament itself bears, in its structure, and in the uniqueness of its history and religion, to its own authority and inspiration as the record of God’s revelation to His ancient people. James Orr then asks the question: how far is this view which the Old Testament gives of itself affected by the results of modern criticism? Orr then shows that the essential outlines of the patriarchal and Mosaic history and the outstanding facts of the religion and institutions of the Old Testament are not sensibly affected—that they are not, and cannot be, overturned. Orr also examines the bearing of archeology on the Old Testament, the age of the Psalter, the reality of predictive prophecy, the progressiveness of divine revelation, and much more.

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