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James Stalker-The Seven Cardinal Virtues-

James Stalker-The Seven Cardinal Virtues-
Author: James Stalker
Title: The Seven Cardinal Virtues
Publisher / Editor: Hodder & Stoughton
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 3.20 MB
Pages: 152.


In case any of my brother-ministers should think of discoursing on the subject of this book, a word or two may be prefixed on the literature. The whole moral system of Aquinas (Secunda Secundtz of the Summa) is built on this framework; and a marvellous structure it is, well worthy of the attention of all who wish either to sharpen their logical faculty or to widen their view of the moral world. On the heathen virtues an admirable discussion, thoroughly up to date, will be found in Mezes' Ethics, and on the Christian ones a discussion still more profound in Harless' Christian Ethics.

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