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Jeanne Guyon-Selected Poems Of Madame Guyon-

Jeanne Guyon-Selected Poems Of Madame Guyon-
Author: Jeanne Guyon
Title: Selected Poems Of Madame Guyon
Publisher / Editor: TiLu Press
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 178 KB
Pages: 24.


Madame Guyon (1648-1717), also known as Jeanne Guyon, was a Christian mystic and prayer warrior, who believed that one's life with Christ should be centered in constant prayer. She was imprisoned because of her views for at least seven years. During this time, and throughout her life she wrote a number of books, letters, and poetry.

This work hand selects a number of Madame Guyon's poems that celebrate her Christian experience, devotion to Christ, and mysticism. It also includes original material by the publisher. This includes an Introduction, a Foreword on 'Mysticism. Mystics,and the Christian Experience' and a brief biographical account of Madame Guyon as annotated content that helps readers to understand and honor this outstanding woman of the Christian faith.

The book should be inspirational to devout Christians and students of theology and religious studies as well.

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