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John Piper-Bloodlines:Race,Cross,And The Christian-

John Piper-Bloodlines:Race,Cross,And The Christian-
Author: John Piper
Title: Bloodlines: Race,Cross,And The Christian
Publisher / Editor: Crossway Books
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 2.94 MB
Pages: 295.


Genocide. Terrorism. Hate crimes. In a world where racism is far from dead, is unity amidst diversities even remotely possible?

In Bloodlines: Race, Cross and the Christian John Piper shares from his own experiences growing up in the segregated South thoughtfully exposing the unremitting problem of racism. Instead of turning finally to organizations, education, famous personalities, or government programs to address racial strife, Piper reveals the definitive source of hope--teaching how the good news about Jesus Christ actively undermines the sins that feed racial strife, and leads to a many-colored and many-cultured kingdom of God. He focuses on specific biblical passages and shows how biblical doctrine rejects racism entirely.

Learn to pursue ethnic harmony from a biblical perspective, and to relate to real people different from yourself, as you take part in the bloodline of Jesus that comprises "every tongue, tribe, and nation."

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