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Words Of Worship-Hallelujah-

Words Of Worship-Hallelujah-

Interpreters: Words Of Worship
Disc: Hallelujah
Year: 1988
File Size: 39.7 MB

Track List:

01 Hallelujah (Great Is The Name Of The Lord On High)
02 Hear The Call/Praise The Lord Together (Medley)
03 Stand In The Congregation
04 God Is So Good/Yahweh Is For Us (Medley)
05 I Will Be With You
06 Sing Hallelujah
07 Come Let Us Sing/Let All The Earth (Shout For Joy)/Thou O Lord Art Exalted (Medley)
08 Nobody Like You
09 One Name, Yahweh/He Is (Medley)
10 We Will Glorify/Alleluia (Medley)

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