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Words Of Worship-Hosanna-

Words Of Worship-Hosanna-

Interpreters: Words Of Worship
Disc: Hosanna
Year: 1989
File Size: 43.2 MB

Track List:

01 Hosanna (Come Save Your People)
02 Lifeline
03 Forever And Ever
04 Lord Save Us Now
05 My Soul Waits (Psalm 130)
06 I Waited (Psalm 40)
07 Oh Deliverer
08 Hear My Song
09 Hosanna (Blessed Is He Who Comes)
10 You Are The One
11 You Never Hide From Me
12 Holy One
13 Hosanna (Hear The Cries Of Your Children)
14 Hosanna (In The Highest)/We Cry Hosanna (Medley)

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