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The Interludes-Living Streams:Instrumental-

The Interludes-Living StreamsInstrumental-

Interpreters: The Interludes
Disc: Living Streams: Instrumental
Year: 1993
File Size: 137.4 MB

Track List:

01 You're Alive Forevermore
02 Your Love
03 Righteousness Peace And Joy
04 Lord, You're The One
05 Blessing Glory And Honor
06 Jesus You're Worthy
07 Into Your Courts
08 I Want To Be More Like You
09 You Are My God
10 All Of My Life
11 With My Whole Heart
12 The Spirit Of The Lord
13 God, You Are My God
14 My Heart Overflows
15 Praise To You
16 Praise Looks Good On You
17 You're Alive Forevermore

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