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Andrew Murray-Thy Will Be Done-

Andrew Murray-Thy Will Be Done-
Author: Andrew Murray
Title: Thy Will Be Done: The Blessedness Of a Life In The Will Of God
Publisher / Editor: James Nisbet & Co
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 15.2 MB
Pages: 196.


We pray, "Thy will be done." We encourage others by saying, "If it is God's will, it will work out." But do we really understand God's purpose for out lives? Do we know how to live in the center of His will?

You can walk daily in power and confidence, with a clear path leading to the blessings God desires for you. The key to experiencing depth of peace and certainty lies in God's will. Discover how you can live knowing your life, actions, and prayers are making a difference. And ultimate find a place of strength with rest and joy with fruitfulness: the very center of God's will.

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