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Arthur W. Pink-The Redeemer's Return-

Arthur W. Pink-The Redeemer's Return-
Author: Arthur W. Pink
Title: The Redeemer's Return: A Premillennialist View Of Our Lord´s Return
Publisher / Editor: Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 1.36 MB
Pages: 215.


The early converts of the New Testament were instructed by the apostles to wait vigilantly for the second coming of Christ. Sadly, many of today's Christians have abandoned the task of preparing for Christ's return. In this book, Pink searches the Old and New Testament for information regarding Jesus' second coming. First, he looks at several examples of Biblical prophecies which foretell Christ's second coming. Then, he discusses the necessity of Jesus' return and explores signs leading up to His arrival. Pink closely examines Christ's first coming to gain a better understanding of the glory and power that will manifest itself in Christ's second coming. Finally, Pink discusses the events that will occur in the church and the world as a result of this momentous occasion. Redeemer's Return is designed mainly for those who are beginners in the study of prophetic and dispensational truth.

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