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Bakht Singh-Come Let Us Build-

Bakht Singh-Come Let Us Build-
Author: Bakht Singh
Title: Come Let Us Build
Publisher / Editor: Hebron
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 7.51 MB
Pages: 33.


Come Let Us Build By Brother Bakht Singh The children of Israel spent seventy years of captivity in the country of Babylon and returned to Jerusalem during the reign of king Cyrus (2 Chro.36: 22; Ezra 1:1-11). When they returned they found that the city of Jerusalem and its gates were burnt and the walls were broken down. This news concerning the condition of Jerusalem was brought to Nehemiah by ce rtain Jews (Neh.1: 2-3). When he heard about the condition of Jerusalem and the people of God, he started to pray with tears and fasting. He began to remind God of His promise made o the children of Israel (Lev.26: 40-45). To begin with he confessed his own sins, the sins of his father’s house and the sins of the people of God.

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