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Charles Spurgeon-Christ's Incarnation-

Charles Spurgeon-Christ's Incarnation-
Author: Charles Spurgeon
Title: Christ's Incarnation The Foundation Of Christianity
Publisher / Editor: Charles Spurgeon
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 189 KB
Pages: 100.


“Glory to God in the highest.” The instructive lesson to be learned from this opening note of the angels’ song is, that salvation is God’s highest glory. He is glorified in every dewdrop that twinkles in the morning sunshine. He is magnified in every wood flower that blossoms in the copse, although it is born to blush unseen of man, and may seem to waste its sweetness on the forest air. God is glorified in every bird that warbles on the trees, and in every lamb that skips in the meadows. Do not the fishes in the sea praise Him? From the tiny minnow to the huge leviathan, do not all creatures that swim in the waters laud and magnify His great Name? Do not all created things extol Him? Is there aught beneath the sky, save man, that doth not glorify God? Do not the stars exalt Him, when they write His Name in golden letters upon the azure of heaven? Do not the lightnings adore Him when they flash His brightness in arrows of light piercing the midnight darkness? Do not the thunderpeals extol Him when they roll like drums in the march, of the God of armies? Do not all things that He hath made, from the least even to the greatest, exalt Him?

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