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D. L. Moody-Notes From My Bible-

D. L. Moody-Notes From My Bible-
Author: D. L. Moody
Title: Notes From My Bible: From Genesis To Revelation
Publisher / Editor: Fleming H. Revell Company
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 8.65 MB
Pages: 236.


Klt. The arrangement of the book is simple. Over against the text is the thought or illustration. At the beginning of the books and chapters of the Bible is placed whatever has a general reference to that section. A number of miscellaneous outlines are added at the end of Revelation. I take this opportunity of impressing upon you, reader, the advantage of making notes. Let this book serve you not only as a storehouse, but also as a stimulus. Whether you are minister or layman, you will find that you will grow more deeply interested in your Bible day by day if you follow the course of making notes of sayings similar to those contained in this volume, of outline sermons, and of anything that helps to light up some well-known truth and fasten it in the memory. It is a good thing to be ready with new thoughts to present the old truths of the Bible. God grant that this lxx kmay be very helpful to you.

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