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D. L. Moody-That Gospel Sermon On The Blessed Hope-

D. L. Moody-That Gospel Sermon On The Blessed Hope-
Author: D. L. Moody
Title: That Gospel Sermon On The Blessed Hope
Publisher / Editor: D. L. Moody
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 306 KB
Pages: 24.


Since the time of Luther, the message of salvation has not changed, and it will never change. Moody, Whitefield, Sunday, and Graham are some of the giants who understood and clearly preached the unadulterated Word of God. Scoffers can only have their hearts and minds changed as they are convicted and drawn by the Holy Spirit. The mission of men like Moody was to introduce the unsaved to the Word of God and preach challenging messages. If Moody thought the world was wicked in his day, think what his opinion would be if he were alive today! In every generation God raises up inspired messengers of His gospel. Moody's sermons were always clear, simple, and fundamentally sound and he, and others like him, will have many of their converts as fellow members of the Body of Christ and they will rejoice together throughout eternity and be thankful that such stalwart men of God dedicated their lives to bring others to the saving knowledge of Christ.

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