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Francis A. Schaeffer-True Spirituality-

Francis A. Schaeffer-True Spirituality-
Author: Francis A. Schaeffer
Title: True Spirituality
Publisher / Editor: Francis A. Schaeffer
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 993 KB
Pages: 108.


Can God really change our lives?
After serving as a pastor for over a decade, Francis Schaeffer - founder of L'Abri Fellowship - found himself wrestling with deeply perplexing questions like these. He was tired of not seeing results in his own spiritual life and others'. He found himself talking about Christianity, but not living it. So, as a pastor, he decide to "start at the beginning" - go back to agnosticism - and reexamine his Christian faith. "Did Christianity really make any difference in my life?"

This book is the result of Schaeffer's honest search for answers. When the book was published thirty years ago, it shook the Christian world. Young people flocked to L'Abri, his spiritual retreat center in the Swiss Alps. Today, it's a classic book on understanding what real Christianity is all about - what it means to follow Jesus moment by moment.

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