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J. C. Ryle-Coming Events & Present Duties-

J. C. Ryle-Coming Events & Present Duties-
Author: J. C. Ryle
Title: Coming Events & Present Duties
Publisher / Editor: William Hunt & Co.
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 5.12 MB
Pages: 265.


The volume now in the reader's hands requires a few introductory words of explanation. It contains little that is entirely new. It consists of eight sermons, delivered on public occasions, at various intervals during my ministry, and afterwards published in the form of tracts. Of these sermons, one or two have perhaps obtained a greater circulation than they deserved, while one or two, in my humble judgment of more real worth — have received comparatively little notice. They are now brought together in their present form, for the convenience of those who wish to have a manual of my views of prophecy, in a compact state.

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