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John Stott-The Message Of 2 Timothy-

John Stott-The Message Of 2 Timothy-
Author: John Stott
Title: The Message Of 2 Timothy: Guard The Gospel
Publisher / Editor: Inter-Varsity Press
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 576 KB
Pages: 80.


John Stott writes, 'During the last five years I seem to have lived inside the second letter of Paul to Timothy. In imag- ination I have sat down beside Timothy and have tried myself to hear and heed this final charge from the aging apostle... 'On each occasion I have been impressed afresh by the timeli- ness for today of what the apostle writes, especially for young Christian leaders. For our era is one of theological and moral confusion, even of apostasy. And the apostle sum- mons us, as he summoned Timothy, to be strong, brave and steadfast.' John Stott was rector of All Souls Church in London for twenty-five years and is a well-known and beloved author and commentator.

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