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John Bunyan-Christ a Complete Saviour-

John Bunyan-Christ a Complete Saviour-
Author: John Bunyan
Title: Christ a Complete Saviour: Or,The Intercession Of Christ,And Who Are Privileged In It
Publisher / Editor: John Bunyan
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 239 KB
Pages: 48.


John Bunyan praises the many merits of the intercession of Christ. He defines intercession as “the finishing work of a sinner’s salvation.” Justification and preservation are examined as the benefits of Christ’s intercession. Newly awakened Christians, backsliders, and sincere Christians are analyzed as people interested in coming to Christ. The eternal nature of Christ is safety and certainty for the believer. The reader is exhorted to diligently learn and teach others the truth of Jesus Christ. This is the George Offor text with his Introduction and notes.

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