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John Owen-The Doctrine Of Justification By Faith-

John Owen-The Doctrine Of Justification By Faith-
Author: John Owen
Title: The Doctrine Of Justification By Faith
Publisher / Editor: SAGE Software
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 1.03 MB
Pages: 557.


John Owen presents one of the most rigorous defenses of the Reformed doctrine of justification ever written. This reprint of The Doctrine of Justification by Faith, taken from the 19th century edition produced by the Presbyterian Board of Publications, will serve as a welcome improvement for many readers. Latin and Greek quotations have been moved to footnotes, and English translations are given for those large blocks of material that Owen left untranslated. It also contains a new introductory essay by Carl Trueman, which analyzes Owen's treatment of justification in light of the highly charged debates of his day. While Owen's work is technical and challenging, this edition is an effort to make his profound exposition more manageable.

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