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John Owen-Several Practical Cases Of Conscience Resolved-

John Owen-Several Practical Cases Of Conscience Resolved-
Author: John Owen
Title: Several Practical Cases Of Conscience Resolved
Publisher / Editor: Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 763 KB
Pages: 56.


Several Practical Cases of Conscience Resolved is a series of discourses answering questions about sin, grace, faith, prayer, God's providence, and the preparation for Christ's second coming. Published in 1721, this series of short discourses was included amongst a collection of John Owen's sermons. This style of discourse falls under the category of study called casuistry, a system of resolving specific cases of morality by appealing to general principles. For centuries casuistry was considered a controversial area of study, and in the 15th and 16th centuries it was denounced as "the art of quibbling with God." Owen was admittedly aware of the dangers of casuistic thought. But he encourages his readers not to devalue the practice of asking questions about the duties we face as Christians. Indeed, though casuistry remains a questionable method of inquiry, the questions Owen raises are central to the Christian faith.

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